Flying With My Angel

We’ve all got them but how often do you utilise your guardian angel?

Even before Phil Latz was speared at age four while growing up on a Lutheran Mission in Australia’s desert heartland his angel was working overtime. Join him and his ethereal guardian on a remarkable adventure as Phil makes the transformation from a feral outback kid growing up with Australian Aborigines, to a cosmopolitan high-flying pilot of the world’s largest helicopter.

His worldwide experiences may even inspire you to begin the career you always dreamed about while using his many travel hints and tips about different countries’ local customs.

“I had to fly and navigate by the stars while hanging in the sky as my helicopter had no lighting whatsoever. Unless I found our campfire in the inky darkness of the rocky, uninhabited and isolated Hamersley Range below us, I knew this journey would end in injury or death for me and my passengers.”

‘This is a captivating story of life in another century. It’s a remarkable tale of desert and jungle survival, finding religion and losing faith, about discovering lust and finding love, about dying in aircraft accidents that didn’t happen. It’s an inspirational account of a man who set his goals in the sky and achieved them. His hard-working angel keeps saving him during his early travels and later while dodging hidden rocks in clouds. Then spears and gunfire in the third world. A must read true story.’

Ted Egan, OA ~ Administrator of the Northern Territory

Phil’s book contains 416 pages, 170,000 words and includes many colour (Australian edition only} and black and white photographs illustrating aspects of his life. The book is an A5 sized paperback and its ISBN is 978-0-9804451-0-7.

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