• The incredible but true adventures of one man’s epic saga. From his childhood with the desert aborigines in Australia, to his incident filled career as a pilot in Australia, Asia and around the world, this book will keep you riveted. The fascinating story of Phil’s life proves the adage that “truth is often stranger than fiction”.

    I heartily recommend this engrossing autobiography

    By Ken Humphrey

  • After meeting you at the Byron Bay writers festival and buying your book it took a second meeting at the David Suzuki talk in Bangalow before I started to read it. I have not been able to put it down and am yet to catch up on sleep! What a fantastic life you’ve had! All the Best and hope to run into you again soon.

    By Renee

  • Just finished reading your book Phil and wanted to tell you its the first book I’ve read for quite a while (and I read it in a lot shorter time than I normally would).

    I thought I’d led a reasonably interesting life before I read the book.

    Congratulations …. and ……Thanks.

    By Trevor Kuchel

  • Enjoyed your book immensly and I identify with much of it. [being raised in Adelaide after WWII]. I found it hard to put the book down, but had to sleep sometime. Your conclusions on religion and the flow through to most other aspects of life I agree with. I recently came to a similar view following an ABC [another B.. cathedral] tour of the Danube, Ireland and USA. Religion and sex have a lot to answer for. But flying is fun.

    Thanks to Norm S for the loan of the book.

    By Alan

  • Dear Phil

    I thoroughly enjoyed your book – I found it hard to put down, always wanting to finish one chapter and go onto the next.

    I was particularly amazed at the honest account of your life experiences. I’m sure these experiences were hard for you to write about at various times.

    By Sue G